SANDAG IGR - Internal Application

SANDAG IGR is an internal web application designed to provide SANDAG’s staff a quick and effective way to maintain, update and report on regional development projects.

1-The mapping component: Provide users the ability to quickly display project data on the map. The IGR projects can also be identified and queried to get additional or related projects information.

2-The editing component: Is used to create new project boundaries polygon and update attribute information It can also be used to edit or update existing projects boundaries and attributes.

Query Map Instructions

The SANDAG mapping component has 3 major functionalities: The project Search Tool, the Layer Tool and the Reporting tools

1 - Project Search Tool: This tool provides the user the ability to query and zoom to specific project. The search tool has an auto-suggest functionality which provides search result as the user starts typing.
The search tools has two search option: Parcel Search and the Project Name Search. These options are available throught the dropdown option next to the text field.

Overview Map Tool

2-The Layer Tool: Is an interactive layer display and legend tool where users can turn on/off layer by clicking on checkbox showing layer name. Group Layers are collapsed and can be expanded to see more options

Overview Map Tool

Overview Map Tool

3-Reporting Tool:

The groupings will expand as the user zooms in. Users can also click on a grouping to expand it, and then click on a point to view the firm's information.

Overview Map Tool

3-Reporting Page:

Overview Map Tool

Data Editor Instructions

The IGR Data Editor Page is a secure page where editing functionality is only available for authenticated users. Once authenticated throuhg ESRI Javascript editor users can create new project boundaries or edit existing project attribute and polygon boundaries. The editing page is accessed by simply clicking on the editing link button.

Date Editing Tool:

The Editing toolbox has two major functionality: Create new polygon and selecct and editing existing polygon
Create New Polygon: create new PolygonThe first button allows users to zoom to a project location and to create project boundary by clicking on the map.

The second button can be used to stop editing or cancel editing.

Overview Map Tool

Editing Panel:
The editing panel can be used by users to select project boundaries on the map to visualize project information or edit existing project information using textboxes and dropdown values

Overview Map Tool